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The line between the virtual and the real world has long been blurred, and this has led to the creation of an enhanced reality.

When the distance from the line to the goal is displayed on the TV during a free kick in a football game, we can already see an example of an enhanced reality, an Augmented Reality. This reality uses visualisation, allows for the integration of both digital information and real objects, and does all this in 3D. 

This is a development which opens new doors. Doors which lead to: 

  • Wow effects which will make brands and products memorable
  • Technology which accommodates the needs of the user.
  • Information displayed in real time.
  • A brand new reality.

These are the doors to a new world. Augmented Reality Game

Augmented Reality Augmented Reality Game

Client: Athesia/

Crossmediale prize competition by Dolomiten Magazin, Qui Media, STOL and Eurac Research "Sofia und ihre Welt".

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